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Answer: Call Absolute Glass Services

A quick search on the internet at places like will help you understand why saving a few dollars by installing your own shower is a bad idea.

It’s a “risk versus reward” moment.

A common 28″ x 72″ frameless Shower Door Unit costs approximately: 1 unit   $695.00
Shower Door Unit Labor
Direct labor expenses to install glass shower door.
2 hours@ $85.00 $170.00
Shower Door Unit Job Materials and Supplies
Cost of supplies that may be required to install glass shower door including: fasteners, mounting hardware, adhesives, etc.
Don’t forget specialized supplies, such as suction holders for moving large pieces of glass.
Other necessary Equipment Allowance
Job related costs of specialty equipment used for job quality such as pneumatic finish nailer, compound miter saws, electric jigsaw, belt sanders, electric planer. tile drill bits, etc.
Totals – Cost to Install Glass Shower Door 1 unit   $885.00

What Happens When You Break it?Damage and wreck: Pieces of broken glass

When a professional breaks a glass shower he has a bad day. He may even lose money on your job.

But, he gets a replacement and finishes the job. You are not out anything extra for the breakage.

But when YOU break the glass you are out the cost of the glass and the clean-up labor.

When you consider the actual cost of the glass compared to the cost of the labor, it becomes clear that doing it yourself is a “high risk/low reward moment.”

If you think about it, that’s exactly why you buy home owner’s insurance. There’s a very high risk if you don’t have it and a high reward for low cost when you do have it.

Why You Should Consider Absolute Glass Services

There are several glass companies in the area.  What separates us from the rest is our willingness to wait until the job is completed and your are satisfied before we collect payment.

We also warranty our labor and materials longer than most and will try to beat a competitor’s price by 10%, if we are able to do so.

Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but we will work with customers if those times are not possible.

Why you DON’T want to install glass doors yourself.

Here’s a quick list of why you don’t want to install glass doors yourself:

  • Good glass is heavy. It often takes two men using specialized holders to move one piece.
  • Glass is unforgiving. You can chip a desk or a bedroom suit, but not glass.
  • Safety glass shatters into thousands of pieces by design.
  • Professionals know to spot flaws in glass and return it to the factory. Try that on your own.
  • Almost all installations require custom tailoring of the opening. When you can’t sand of a piece of glass what do you do?
  • Caulk will not cover your mistakes, it accentuates them.